STREET CLASSIC: Biggie Disses Craig Mack In Interview
Craig Mack Notorious B.I.G. STREET CLASSIC
April 16, 2011


I never knew there was beef between the Notorious B.I.G. and Craig Mack, but obviously they didn’t get along after watching this video. Now I wonder if Big was talkin’ to Craig Mack on Flavor In Your Ear and if Mack was talkin’ to Biggie.


Doing some research I learned that the whole beef was because Craig Mack hated on Biggie’s rap career when he was getting his big break. Even though labelmates Craig Mack was the veteran in the game and would do interviews dissin’ Biggie, basically saying that his lyrics were all negative and not good for our younger generation. These direct shots seemed to fuel the beef between the two Bad Boy entertainers.


In the beginning, Puffy was riding the Craig Mack wave because he was the more successful of the two, but that short-lived success came to an end after the streets gravitated to Biggie and his lyrical style. This is when Puffy started to ride the Biggie wave and push him further while ultimately pushing Craig Mack out the door!!


In addition to Mack dissin’ Big, he supposedly left Bad Boy like a scared puppy when the West Coast beef started amping up and to Big this was a sucker move. In this throwback classic Biggie Smalls outright disses his back then labelmate Craig Mack. Biggie plays him like he’s a clown or duck azz nicca. Also, check the second video for another STREET CLASSIC where Puffy plays Craig Mack.


Puffy plays Craig Mack, by lying about a second album being released from Craig. Peep Craig Mack face expression when Puffy lies about a new album coming out. We all know a second album never dropped.


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