Chingy PSA: Watch Out For Haters (Response To Sidney Starr After Telling Truth)

Chingy gives a public service announcement and responds to Sidney Starr, the transgender model who claimed she slept with Chingy a few years back.  She recently came out and said she lied about having sex with Chingy.  He responds and shows forgiveness for the wrongful accusations.

Chingy also clears up that he’s not homosexual and wants everyone to know he’s never been nor does he indulge in any gay activity.  What do you think about this?  Do you think Chingy should be so forgiving?  Leave your comments below.

Transgender Model Sidney Starr Admits To Lying About Chingy And Apologizes

A few years ago the transgender model, Sidney Starr came out and said she had relations with rapper Chingy.  Now today she is recanting her claim and says she made the whole thing up!

When a picture surfaced of Chingy and Sidney hugged up some years back she took advantage of the situation and made bold claims that Chingy slept with her, a transsexual.  Chingy always refuted her accusations, but she made compelling arguments — sounding believable.

This is that “hot ghetto mess”.  What do you think about this situation?  Should Chingy be happy the truth is out or should he sue for defamation of character?  Leave your comments below.

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