Chief Keef Goons Rob Migos In Washington, DC
Chief Keef Featured Migos Rap News
November 16, 2014

Migos Get Robbed by GBE in District of Columbia

The heat has been on with Chief Keef and Migos, they’ve been taking shots at each other for weeks.  Things heated up last week, when GBE’s Capo and Fredro Santana had a confrontation with the Migos entourage and detailed it over Twitter, and even sending death threats.

Last night the Atlanta rap group, Migos, performed at the Stadium in Washington, DC.  After the performance they ran into Chief Keef’s squad at the club.  Rumor has it, a large oversize guy came from no where and punched Quavo (Migos member) in the face and from there a huge brawl started.

After the melee cleared, Quavo’s face was bloody and leaking badly, as well as his chain was missing.  I heard Quavo handled it like a G and shook it off.  The chain now seems to be in the possession of Chief Keef’s crew as there has been social media posts tracking it’s whereabouts.

Chief Keef 300 Block Gangsters Steal Quavo of Migos Chain Medallion

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Young Chop Talks About Chief Keef Being Dropped By Interscope
Chief Keef Urban Videos Young Chop
October 31, 2014

In recent times Chief Keef was dropped by his labelInterscope.  For many this had come as a surprise and some speculated what lead to the decision to release him, and some believe it was due to Chief Keef’s own antics such as, being involved in multiple criminal cases including a murder charge, or some speculate maybe his anti-social off stage appearance;

Doggy Diamonds of ForbezDVD takes time and sits down with Chief Keef’s original producer, Young Chop, who is just as confused as anyone else about why the Chicago rapper was dropped from the label.  According to Young Chop, Chief Keef made all his requirements and hit all his targets for the record label.

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Chief Keef Dropped From Interscope Records Label
Chief Keef Rap Photos
October 21, 2014

Chief Keef Dropped by Label for Legal Charges

This is a lesson learned for all upcoming rappers.  If your angle is to secure a record deal with a major label, then it’s best to be on your best behavior.  The record label may want gangsta rap, but they don’t want a true gangster!!!  Remember that.

Allegedly, Chief Keef was dropped today from Interscope Records, with the reason being his legal issues that continues to pile up.  The label has been trying to distance itself from the Chicago rapper since he started getting into trouble and catching lawsuits back in 2013.  The last straw was when Chief Keef was associated with a recent shoot out in Chi-town in March 2014.

Chief Keef’s people tried to save face and get the rapper back in good graces with the label by moving him to Los Angeles, but it was too little too late, because the label already felt it needed to part ways from the loose cannon.

It’ll be interesting to see where Chief lands after this.  Recently, Atlanta rapper, Trinidad James, was dropped from Def Jam and he’s been hard pressed to find a new home.  So far, he’s been a one-hit wonder with his single, All Gold Everything.  Let’s see if Chief Keef will follow suit as a one-hit wonder or if he’ll land on his feet and take things to the next level without Interscope.

What do you think?

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Newark Grape Street Crips Issue No Fly Zone For Chief Keef
Chief Keef Urban Videos
October 10, 2014

Chief Keef dissed the city of Newark, NJ (my home) and said he’ll blow the city up in a recent track (listen to The Breakfast Club – Donkey of the Day, below to hear the verse),  Newark’s Grape Street Crips got wind of the diss track and responded wit’ 300 Crips, making it known it’s not safe for Chief Keef in Newark.

In the song, supposedly Chief Keef named a section of Newark, specifically, “Bergen & Mapes” which is a real hood area in the city.  Chief Keef made it hard for himself in Jersey.  I can tell you first hand, Newark is not the place to f*k wit’.  If I think hard enough I probably know of someone who got murked on every block in Newark.  It’s that serious out ‘chere.  It get real in these streets.

s/o to my Newark homies.  Bergen n Mapes #Weequahic

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NEW MUSIC: Chief Keef “In It”
Chief Keef Rap Audio
September 21, 2014

The Chi-Town homie Chief Keef gives us a new track titled, In It.  He does it the only way a 3hunna n*gga can do it!!!

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