RoGizz: Gotta Pay to Play
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February 8, 2012

Innovative, Lyrical, Humorous, Motivational…that’s RoGizz, turning his love for poetry into hip hop music.  He signed a record deal with Dreamworks but later decided to go independent and form his own company, GIZZ Entertainment.

His various mixtape projects labeled Worldwide Domination have featured artists from Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando and the Carolinas. With Cali rapper Pask-1, he formed the group “Worldfame” and released the mixtape “Cut the Games: Chi to L.A.” to critical acclaim.

Now he’s back on the mic with his new album “RoGizz vs. Black Blago“.  This is a hip-hop tale about Good vs. Evil, Politics vs. Principles, Purity vs. Pimping, Honesty vs. Disloyalty, Love vs. Lust…Blago thinks everybody gotta “Pay to Play”.

Check out his 1st single from the album titled “Checkin’ That Check

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Whiskey And Guns A New Brand Of SWAG
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September 24, 2011

Whiskey & Guns is branded streetwear taking #Swag to another dimension of sickness. Representing the dopeness and tradition that real swagger defines. Whiskey and Guns is a dangerous combination and a forced to be reckoned with in the streetwear game. Check em out…

Use promo code “Streetdose” for 10% off your purchase!


“Whiskey and Guns does support the excessive use of whiskey and guns and any other forms of rebellious activity”

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March 29, 2011


Hey Everybody my name is Yaschia Onafowora, and I’m a Jewelry Designer. If you are looking for some Hott Fancy Earrings for a Party, Event, the Weekend, or a Wedding look no further. I’m your designer so Dare to be Different. Also follow me on Twitter: @MyCourageuxJewe and Become a Fan of My Like Page on #Facebook. Spread the Word let’s get My Courageux Jewelry out there.

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Movie Trailer For New Film “Blue Collar Boys”
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December 12, 2010



Through a friend I met the writer and director, Mark Nistico, they came over to the house and we chopped it up about his movie, Blue Collar Boys, and my book.  In talking with Mark I instantly could tell he was cool, down to earth, and a master of his craft.  I’m a fan.  I really hope his movie does numbers and he makes it big!  Much respect.


The movie is about an ordinary working class American family who falls on hard times and has to revert to the streets just to make ends meet.   However, it’s not your same cliche urban street movie, it has a bit of a twist.  It’s focused around a middle class white American family who wants nothing more than to just work construction for a living, but life has another plan for this family and through life’s turmoil they are pulled in a different direction.


I would definitely go to the movie theaters to see this, but it’s an indie film so it’ll likely go straight to DVD.  Who knows?  I’m still learning this industry ~ish and how things get done, so I don’t know.  I know Mark plans to shop it in the film festivals, but I don’t know how things happen there.  I’ll be staying in touch wit’ Mark so I’m sure I’ll learn more and have a full interview one day.


To stay up to date with this film’s release join the Facebook fan page,


Stay doing big thangs Mark!  Props to ya!



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