Lavell Crawford Lost 120 Pounds And Makes People Laugh At The Neighborhood Awards 2016
Lavell Crawford
July 31, 2016

Steve Harvey announces Lavell Crawford to the stage, and the funny comedian comes out 120 pounds lighter.  He’s hilarious.

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Bigg K vs. Showoff Rap Battle [RBE]
Rap Battles Rap Videos
July 24, 2016

Bigg K and Showoff go head to head in this Rare Breed Ent. rap battle.

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Rappers T.I., Killer Mike, Young Thug, Dolph, Slim Thug, Paul Wall & More Move Their Money To Black Banks
Killer Mike Rap News Rap Photos T.I.
July 21, 2016

T.I. and Killer Mike started a campaign to have rappers move their money to local black banks.  This has been a long time coming.  They have both opened accounts in Atlanta at the black owned bank, Citizen Trust Bank.

They’ve encouraged others to do the same, such as Young Thug and Young Dolph.  They’ve also encouraged Houston rappers to make the same move at the local black-owned bank in H-Town, Unity National Bank. This included Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Willie D, Trae The Truth, and others

To commemorate this historic moment T.I. and Killer Mike took to their Instagram accounts to show the festive occassion.  On the show What Now? MTV Town Hall Meeting, Killer Mike asked the people to move their dollars into black owned banks.  Since making this request, Citizen Trust Bank reported that an additional 8,000 accounts have been opened.

This is a big move for the black community, and hopefully more rappers as well as, athletes, actors and other celebrities will follow suit.  I think it’s important we show solidarity in this manner and make efforts to empower our communities.  Now, it’s all up to the black banks to start doing good and honest business with black people and if so, this could be the first phase of change for our people.

Do your part and put your money in your local black bank.  Even if it’s just a percentage of your income, it can create change.  Here’s a list of black owned banks in America,

  • Omega Psi Phi Credit Union – Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union – Washington, DC
  • One United Bank – Los Angeles,California
  • FAMU Federal Credit Union – Tallahassee, Florida
  • Credit Union of Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia
  • North Milwaukee State Bank – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Seaway Bank – Chicago, Illinois
  • The Harbor Bank- Baltimore, Maryland
  • Liberty Bank – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • United Bank of Philidelphia – Philidelphia, Penn
  • Alamerica Bank – Birmingham, Alabama
  • Broadway Federal Bank – Los Angeles, California
  • Carver State Bank – Savannah, Georgia
  • Capital City Bank – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Citizens Trust Bank – Atlanta, Georgia
  • City National Bank – Newark, New Jersey
  • Commonwealth National Bank – Mobile, Alabama
  • Industrial Bank – Washington D.C.First Tuskegee Bank – Tuskegee, Alabama
  • Mechanics & Farmers Bank – Durham, North Carolina
  • First Independence Bank – Detroit, Michigan
  • First State Bank – Danville, Virginia
  • Illinois Service Federal – Chicago, Illinois
  • Unity National Bank – Houston, Texas
  • Carver Federal Savings Bank – New York, New York
  • OneUnited Bank – Miami, Florida
  • OneUnited Bank – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Tri-State Bank – Memphis, Tennesse
  • Citizens Bank – Nashville, Tennessee
  • South Carolina Community Bank – Columbia, South Carolina
  • Columbia Savings and Loan – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Liberty Bank – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Liberty Bank – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Citizen Trust Bank – Birmingham, Alabama
  • Liberty Bank – Chicago, Illinois
  • Liberty Bank – Jackson, Mississippi
  • Toledo Urban Credit Union – Toledo, Ohio
  • Hill District Credit Union – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Black Lives Matter Freestyle Rap
Rap Videos
July 21, 2016

Oh shit. @deantevh

A video posted by Trokon (@throwkon) on

This guy raps about curret events and all the police brutality black people are facing in today’s world.  He keeps it straight 100 and has hella bars.  This joint goes hard and it is right on time with the emotions of the black community.  I’m feeling this one. Press play above and give it a listen.

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Kim Kardashian Snapchats Secretly Recorded Kanye West & Taylor Swift Conversation About “Famous” Before It Released
Kanye West Kim Kardashian Rap News Taylor Swift
July 18, 2016

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While Kanye West was on the phone entrenched in conversation with Taylor Swift, one of his security guards recorded the convo.  Taylor has been playing victim for weeks in regards to the video “Famous” which was released by Kanye West and featured a wax figure image of Taylor Swift and other celebrities in the nude.

Taylor has stated that she knew nothing about the song or video, but Kim Kardashian decides to upload the secretly recorded conversation to her Snapchat for the world to hear Taylor’s reaction when Kanye first told her of his idea.  Taylor can be heard approving the lyrics and even seemingly blushing over them

Taylor Swift doesn’t lie down easily with this one and snaps back via Twitter, letting it be known she wasn’t fully aware of its use and intent.

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