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-- March 21st, 2012 --

Biggie & Tupac Homosexual Album Cover [WOW]

Nowadays niccas reach just to sell their record.

This is major disrespect.  The rapper who goes by the name Asaad recently dropped a new single titled Boss Status and this is the chosen artwork for the cover.  Dude claims he isn’t looking for attention, but that picture is a sure attention-getter if he wants it or not.

Here’s Asaad explanation of the artwork:

Since the release of the artwork for my single, “Boss Status,” from my upcoming debut EP entitled, 006, there has been backlash going around. So, I want to take this opportunity to explain, in my own words, the picture depicting two artists, whom I consider to be legends and arguably the greatest to ever bless the mic, engaging in homosexual activity. We are now in the day and age where this is no longer considered a taboo. But that is not the main reason why I choose this picture. Throughout the inception of the music business, artists have been continuously cheated out of their royalties and bound by erroneous contracts that essentially ‘screw’ artists over. For the record, I did not intend to release this cover to disrespect the memory or the families of Mr. Tupac Shakur and Mr. Christopher Wallace. They have become iconic, speaking for those like myself, giving the ghetto and less privileged a voice as they spoke about so many different things that affect our culture. Shakur & Wallace started out as comrades, then the industry turned them into human guinea pigs. They were embattled in a music war which ultimately led to their untimely death. In no way am I looking for publicity from this cover. My music speaks for itself. People have the option to look, or not to. Journalists and bloggers will have the option to post this on their website if they choose to do so. Again, we don’t ask that you do, but no longer shall the industry control our destiny and turn our people against one another. We have a BIGGER mission in life to speak for those who don’t have a voice and create outlets where we can all be heard.


Really son?  Is this where we are in the hip hop world?  If so, then I’m done.  Y’all can have that!  I’m from the old school and there’s nothing cool about this.  It’s disrespectful to two great legends and its distasteful.  I can’t deal.  C’mon son!

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4 Responses to “Biggie & Tupac Homosexual Album Cover [WOW]”

  1. Assad says:

    This dude is obviously gaye af. He has given everyone permission to beat his ass when they see him!

  2. jericho says:

    alright, the author of this article is an idiot. im pretty sure he just copied and pasted the things asaad said without really reading it and concluded it with the exact same thing he thought when he first saw the cover. smfh.

    ‘oh look at me, i’m from tha old school blah blah blah blah blah’

    • Shem Anthony says:

      No I read what asaad said, but I thought it all was a load of crap. It was poor taste to turn two of hip hop greatest legends into homosexuals. He could’ve used another way to portray how artist are screwed over for their royalties in the music industry, it did not have to come down to this nor did he have to disrespect the legacy of these artists. I don’t have anything against homosexuals, that’s your business, but stay in your lane. These two artist did not represent the gay community and therefore should not be portrayed in any homosexual way. Point blank, simple and plain. And yes, I’m from the old school — I do not wear skinny jeans, tight shirts, not on the down low or believe a man should show any gay tendencies. I’m from the days when bullying in school built character and you dealt with bullies by fighting back.

  3. Keybump Rossi says:

    I agree with Shem Anthony

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