Artist Promotion & Advertising


Artists, labels and businesses looking for a spotlight are encouraged to advertise on Street Dose.  Our platform gives your project or campaign the audience it needs.  The audience consist mostly of label execs, industry staff, producers, rappers, everyday hip hop heads, rap enthusiasts and culture fans.

Street Dose places your ad in the best position on the website for visibility.  We have slide positions which are loaded at the very top of specific content pages, including the homepage.  We also rotate your 336×280 ad site-wide, at the top of the sidebar.

Below is the pricing structure and details :


Position 1 : $200/day
Position 2 : $100/day
Position 3 : $50/day
Position 10 : 25/day


$500 – lifetime blog post + social media advertising (Facebook and Twitter) + position 4 thru 9 (rotation)

Display Banner Advertising

$300/mo. – 336×280 banner ad (located in sidebar)

We use PayPal to collect payment.  To get started, get in contact: