Former President George Bush Awkwardly Sings & Dances At Dallas Memorial Service For The 5 Slain Police Officers
George Bush, Urban Videos
July 13, 2016

During an interfaith memorial service for the slained five Dallas police officers last week, former President George Bush is seen singing and dancing boyishly along with the choir as they honor the officers.  He creates an awkward moment as he joyfully moves about, while holding the first lady, Michelle Obama, hand and his wife, Laura Bush, hand.

The former President sways back and fourth jovially and even bears a grin on his face, despite the unfortunate circumstances.  His fun, free-spirited mood gets a smirk from Michelle and even President Barack Obama, takes a peek to see what all the commotion is about.

It’s a little zany, but ole Georgie boy might be losing a few marbles.  He’s getting older and age may be taking toll on the former POTUS.  If this is the case, then we can’t blame him for his erratic behavior.  If this is not the case and he’s just trying to lighten the mood, then it’s not the right time or place to uplift spirits.  He should stay in a somber mood, so he doesn’t offend the families of the victims, because this seems tactless.

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