DMX Talks About His Writing Process, Kanye West, Ja Rule, Diddy, Belly 2, Inspirations, Music, Near Death Experience & More
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June 28, 2016

DMX sat down with The Breakfast Club for his most recent interview.  If you’re a X fan and remember him in his heyday, then you probably already know he has a rambunctious character.  It’s obvious that drugs and alcohol has a hold on his life, but I’m happy to see my dude is still breathing.

I think it’s shameful for Power 105.1 to have that half-gallon of Hennessey front and center while DMX interviews.  He’s a known addict, and they shouldn’t condone or encourage this behavior.  Even if it is his own bottle, they can refuse to film him drinking or have it in the shot.  Nevertheless, DMX is very personable and still can make you laugh, cry and think in the same sentence.

DMX took time to talk about his writing process.  He displays the same problems most old school rappers seem to suffer from, and that’s “evolution”.  He doesn’t seem to want to evolve with technology and proclaims that he still writes with pen and paper, and seemingly refuses to change or evolve.  DJ Envy tells him to put his lyrics in his phone, because he complains about losing paper, but DMX is reluctant to use modern technology.

He talks about new music and says he wants a beat from Kanye West, but he’s not waiting on anyone for anything.  He talks about his musical inspirations and influences.  He speaks about how he respects Diddy, because Diddy told DMX to his face that he didn’t believe in him.  X says he has resolved his beef with Ja Rule.  He’s focusing on music and is back with Swizz Beatz.

DMX had a recent health scare in February and he talks about an outter body experience, after suffering a sever ashtma attack.  He speaks about how God saved his life and brought him back to life.  He gets teary eyed as he speaks about God and his spiritual revelation.

He breaks down, what has kept him real and not allowed the money to change him.  He gives an explanation from an analogy of him calling someone a “bum ass nigga”.  He also chats about his criminal past.  He continues to talk about his character, music and more topics.

DMX has definitely always stayed true to himself and is from the old school era where men stood on principle.  Regardless of his additions and mishaps, this man still can teach this generation a lot.  I’ve seen this man go to hell and back plenty of times, but he’s never lost his faith, continues to preach and pray.  There might be a method to his madness.

Look forward to your music and Belly 2 movie bruh.  Stay focus my guy.  #RespectX

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