Lil Bibby Abandons The “No Snitching” Rule And Says He Will Snitch
Lil Bibby, Rap Videos
June 25, 2016

Today’s generation is confused when it comes to snitching and now they are abandoning the “no snitching” rule altogether.  There was a time a man would die before dishonor, but today’s society there doesn’t seem to be any loyalty.  Lil Bibby made a video telling us he would snitch if he experienced excruciating pain, like someone drilling into his knee with a drill.

Ok, I understand, most people would snitch in such situation, however for me it would really depend on the circumstance.  If I had to trade my family’s safety for my life, then I could never.  I would not give up the location to where a killer could find my wife and kids.

In the same situation, I wouldn’t even give up information on a friend, if we were involved in some dirt together.  But that’s the thing, I know what that type of lifestyle brings, therefore I wouldn’t put myself in a situation such as that.  If you choose that lifestyle, then you have to choose all consequences that comes with that life, including someone drilling into your knee or worse, death.

The fact is, if you were to snitch in such situation, the chances of you making it out alive anyway are slim to none.  Could you really live with yourself knowing you’re just a bitch ass snitch nigga.  Knowing you got your family or friend killed.  Let’s not get it fucked up, because there’s no getting arrested in this situation.  These are not cops.  Police do not drill into your knees.  These are goons who mean business.

Now, if they are after the money, jewels, or personal items, then I would gamble and snitch.  I would give up the location to the stash, in hopes my life would be spared.  However, if I have to give up a person, then I’d think twice, because I see it as “why have two dead bodies?”

There’s no telling what a person would really do in a situation like that, but I gotta respect Bibby for keeping it a buck, because many people will claim they would never snitch, but they would give it up before it even gets that far.  A lot of people isn’t built for that life.  The bitch will come out of niggas.  I’ve seen it happen with just the smack of a hand, so I could imagine when major pain is involved.

My take on all this — don’t LIVE a LIFE you’re not willing to LIVE!!!  Know all the consequences and accept the consequences of your actions and the lifestyle you choose.

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