Kevin Hart Shows Picture Of Burglar And Ask For Your Help To Catch Him
Kevin Hart, Urban Photos
June 22, 2016

Kevin Hart is having a little fun with his followers.  Since recently being burglarized Kevin is using the power of social media to catch the burglars who stole $500,000 worth of jewlery and items, last week.  Kevin shared on his Instagram a picture which supposedly revealed the burglar, but it’s actually just Kevin having some comedic fun!

Kevin is asking his millions of followers to help identify this guy and bring him to justice.  He tells his followers to play a game of “tell on the robber”, but not before having some fun and poking at the burglar in the random photo.  Kevin says,

Real smart move wearing the cool ski mask that shows ur eyebrows & the bags under ur eyes. We are on yo ass man…

Let the snitching begin . . .

Picture Of The Fake Burglar

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