Katt Williams Talks Drug Abuse Rumors, Trouble With The Law, Houses, Tour Money, Hazel E & More
Katt Williams, Urban Videos
June 22, 2016

Raquel Harper of TMZ sits down with Katt Williams in this episode of Rock Rants to talk about rumors of him abusing drugs, which wouldn’t be far-fetched, since he’s been in trouble with the law on numerous occassions for instances that resembled the behavior of someone on drugs.

He also spoke of his legal woes and why he feels he has been targeted by the police.  He speaks about dating and training Hazel E from Love & Hip Hop LA.  He tells how he made her a better person.  He uses a strange fishing analogy to explain their relationship.

Katt also chats about owning homes in Texas, California, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, etc.  He mentions he makes six figures per show, which if the case, then he probably has no problem affording those houses, as long he continues touring.

It’s good to see Katt seeming level-headed.  Let’s hope he stays out of trouble and on the right path.  With all those homes he should just stay in the house, instead of out in the public eye.  J/k.  Respect to that brother!

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