Cardi B Talks Leaving Love & Hip Hop, Being A Rapper, Plastic Surgery, Street Life, Mom Issues, Giving Women Advice & More
Cardi B, Rap Videos
June 22, 2016

Cardi B sits down with Ebro In The Morning at Hot 97 to talk about quitting Love & Hip Hop, after one more season.  She speaks about her jailbird boyfriend and postponing marriage.  She also talks about getting plastic surgery and how she received illegal butt injections in the past.  Cardi chats about growing up, maturing and having tough skin.

She speaks about being kicked out of the house at an early age and never returning.  She was raised in a two-parent home, with both her mother and father, but somehow still turned to the streets.  She tells how she fights for her mother’s approval, but it seems she never satisfies her moms.  She says her father is her best friend.

Cardi may be the last person you’d expect to give advice, but nowadays hoes be winning, and stripper advice is becoming the norm, which is somewhat scary.  Cardi provide young women advice through the eyes of her life.  She states that she never wanted to be an idol, role model or influencer.  It’s something that just happened.

Good luck to Cardi B on her new music, rap career and all future endeavors.

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