50 Cent Gets Forced Off Stage At Birthday Bash 2016 In Atlanta
50 Cent, Rap Videos
June 20, 2016

50 Cent takes too long to finish his performance at Philips Arena in Atlanta and therefore gets forced off stage.  He didn’t get the respect he thought he deserved while in Atlanta at the 2016 Birthday Bash.  He goes into a rant while on stage and the music cuts, not allowing him to continue his set.  Fifty asks for 1 minute to finish, but production refuses and the DJ doesn’t play any more music for him to continue.

Fifty says,

It’s too late to hate.  You should’ve hated on me in 2003.  I’m rich as a motherfucker.

50, then asks the Atlanta crowd,

Are y’all ready for me to go?

The crowd screams “YESSSSS” and even hear a few boos from the audience.  It’s somewhat embarassing to watch, but Fif doesn’t back down and refuses to leave the stage.  After some time Fifty realizes he’s not winning the crowd and decides to give up, he eventually exits stage left.

It’s likely the audience was ready to watch another artist perform, because 50 took up so much time.  50 Cent, T.I., Future, Jeezy, Migos, Plies, Trey Songz and more were scheduled to perform, so I could imagine the crowd being antsy.

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