Laura Govan Claims Her Sister Wanted To Sleep With Her Ex-Husband, Gilbert Arenas
Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes
June 16, 2016

Laura Govan is making some bold claims.  She sits down with Hollywood Unlocked and Melyssa asks her about stating her sister, Gloria, wanting her ex-husband, Gilbert Arenas?  Laura admits to it all, including that be the reason why she hooked her sister up with Matt Barnes to keep her away from Gilbert.

It’s uncanny how the host, Melyssa favors Gloria.

Gloria Responds

Gloria of course got wind of the rumors and clapped back with her own response,

Soooooo we're spreading LIES about family on social media now? 😳🤔 not sure how or why any of these unsolicited malicious lies started. Let me clear the record in case you haven't already seen @no.chill.gil posts. I have never slept with Gil!!! And whether or not you agree with my relationship or not that's not your place to comment on it. Especially not publicly. I know we've had our disagreements, our fights, our arguments. But we're sisters. We're family. That's what we do. BUT this? Dragging not only me but our entire family into the mud as if we weren't raised under the same roof by the same parents. That's new to me?!? Our kids have IG pages. Our nieces and nephews have IG pages. Is this how you want to represent not only yourself but our family? If that's the case. That's Alllllll you. I want no part in it. You have my number, my address, my email, my DM. If you want to talk I'm here!!!! #nuffsaid #highroad #toogrown #bloodisthickerthanwater #RUOK?#defendmyself

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