Desiigner Reveals He Only Had One Broad In Atlanta & Talks About His Come Up
Desiigner, Rap Videos
June 13, 2016

Desiigner interviews with Rob Markman of Genius to talk about Desiigner’s come up and the lyrics in his hit platinum song, Panda.  When asked about his broads in Atlanta, the 18-year old reveals he’s only had one broad in Atlanta, but she’s now long gone.  He also reveals he’s never actually been to Atl, but instead it was a Facebook relationship.

The interview lasted for about twenty minutes and it was a good chat with the Brooklyn native.  The kid Desiigner is well on his way to being a staple in the rap game.  If he continues his momentum and pushing out platinum hits, then he’ll likely will be greeted with much success.  Much love bruh.  Keep doing your thang.

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