Troy Ave Lawyer Scott Leemon Speaks Live About The Case & Troy’s Condition
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June 2, 2016

Troy Ave is currently on Rikers Island awaiting trial for the attempted murder and weapon possession charges he is facing from the Irving Plaza shooting in NYC on May 25, 2016. Fox 5 News reporter, Lisa Evers, caught up with Troy’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, to talk about the current state of the case and Troy Ave’s medical condition.

Scott, took to cameras to enforce his client’s innonence.  He says Roland “Troy Ave” Collins did not shoot his friend and is not guilty in this case.  This case continues to get more confusing by the minute.  The police nor Troy’s lawyers are sharing too many details and has the Internet guessing.  I assume we will all know the truth in time.

Whatever is real, I just hope justice is served for the right person or people involved in the death.  Troy’s next court date is June 9th.

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