Troy Ave Entered Into A Manhattan Criminal Court In Wheelchair And Police Custody
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May 30, 2016

Troy Ave is currently in police custody for last week’s shooting at T.I. concert in NYC at Irving Plaza Ballroom.  Troy Ave, whose real name is Ronald Collins appeared in court for arraignment this morning with his lawyer and took a plea of not guilty.  The judge accepted the plea, and remanded him without bail.

Troy Ave lawyer, Scott Leemon, says Troy is the real victim.  Leemon said,

“What really happened here is Mr. Collins here is the real victim.

The person who was killed (McPhatter) at this event, he died a hero. He was his bodyguard. He wasn’t shot by Mr. Collins. He was a lifelong friend.”

He continued with saying,

“This 11 seconds of video that the NYPD released, it doesn’t say what happened before, it doesn’t say what happened after. The scientific evidence will show he didn’t shoot himself. This was another rush to judgement.

In this case he’s the victim and should be treated like the victim.”

This investigation is still ongoing and details are sketchy.  Currently Troy Ave is charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm.  However, police can introduce new charges, including murder, if the investigation uncovers new details, but they could also drop all charges or reduce charges if the evidence is in Tory Ave’s favor.

There has been plenty of speculation on the web involving the case, but no hardcore proof has come forward as of yet.  There has even been several name drops of other parties involved, but still the investigation continues.

I’m not sure why or how he had a court date scheduled for Memorial Day, but maybe some courts operate on different schedules, it was a video appearance, or something else.  I don’t know.  Maybe even the footage was from last Friday or something.  Who knows.  Hopefully the truth comes out soon and whatever the outcome justice is properly served.

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