“Cam’ron Is A Rat” Says Taxstone And Threatens To Smack Cam
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May 26, 2016

The beef is heating up between Taxstone and Cam’ron.  While in an interview with VladTV Taxstone calls Cam and Tupac rats.  He eludes to this conclusion because Cam’ron and Tupac offered up details to the police during the time they were shot.  Although, it didn’t officially lead to an arrest, because the details offered up were sketchy, Taxstone still feels Cam’ron and Tupac lead the police in the direction to make an arrest, which ultimately makes them a rat in his eyes.

Cam’ron response:

After Taxstone had his interview and it went live, Cam’ron got wind and had his own response:

Taxstone responds again:

Unphased by Cam’ron response Taxstone responds with his own threatening response to smack the shit out of the Dipset representative.

Cam, tag you’re it!  Let’s see if he responds or let’s this one slide.  There’s a lot of disrespect going around these days.  It doesn’t seem Tax is putting any respek on Cam’s name.  I can’t imagine Cam’ron letting this ride, but Cam is older, wiser and more intelligent nowadays, so he might not see this as anything threatening or worthy of his time.  His G is probably tested all the time in these streets.

My personal take on the whole “No Snitching” movement is that it’s a stupid and idiotic mentality.  If someone harms you or your family, then you have every right to bring that person to justice, by any means.  You don’t have to take the option of handling things yourself.

Now, I believe in the principle of “No Snitching” when it pertains to two or more people who consent to commit a crime together and if anyone gets caught, then they should not snitch out their co-defendants.

However, the victim of a crime has every right to tell the full story to the police and anyone else to make an arrest and fully prosecute.  It’s crazy to think you can harm anyone you want (especially your own people) and feel there should be no consequences for your actions or somehow the victim played you and did you wrong if they run tell the police.  Everyone isn’t built for that “handle it yourself” life, and shouldn’t need to be or expected to be.

What are your thoughts?

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