President Barack Obama Encourages Young Vietnamese Woman To Rap
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May 25, 2016

Suboi Raps for Obama

During a Q&A session in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a 26-year old female rapper, named Suboi stood to ask President Barack Obama the last question, “How important it is for a nation to really help promote the art and culture of the nation?”

Before giving his official answer, the President asked her to spit a rhyme in her native tongue.  He said, “Do you need a little beat?”  Then, he broke into a playful beatbox.  The political rapper quickly obliged and spit Vietnamese bars on the mic.

When Mr. President asked her what the rap was about, she said, “I was talking about a lot of people having a lot of money, big houses, but are they really happy?”

President Obama continued with the answer to her original question.  Watch the video below for more.

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