Desiigner Performs Panda & Tells Wendy Williams He Has A Lot Of Broads
Desiigner, Rap Videos, Wendy Williams
May 23, 2016

Desiigner hits the Wendy Williams stage to perform his hit single, Panda.  He goes into his entrancing performance and even has a mascot Panda share the stage with him.  You can see the enthusiasm in the young man as he dances and performs for the crowd.

After his perfromance he has a quick chat with Wendy, while out of breath.  Wendy impressed by his energy, gives him props.  During their conversation she asks, are you single?  Desiigner replies swaggadociously and says, “I got a lot of broads.”  It gets a chuckle from Wendy and her audience.

Desiigner is a 19-year old Brooklyn rapper on the rise. Impressed by his success with “Panda” Kanye West signed Desiigner to his G.O.O.D Music label.  At this point, Desiigner has nothing to lose.  Fan reaction has speculated he’s a one hit wonder, but Desiigner is determined to prove everyone wrong and workig hard to sustain his success.  Good job so far, hats off to the youngin’.

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