Drake Responds To Meek Mill With Diss Track “Charged Up”
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July 26, 2015

Drake had enough and is Charged Up.  He releases a diss track aimed at Meek Mill, after Meek outed Drake for using ghostwriters, which wrote some of his hits.  To many, Meek Mill came across as a whiny simp, who spilled the beans of a pillow talk conversation with his superstar girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

In recent days, Meek Mill apologized to Nicki for going on a rant about her labelmate, but he also expressed no hard feelings to Drake.  However, it’s a little too late, because Drake decided to still release his eloquent and well delivered diss track, without throwing direct punches at the Philly native.

To say the least it was kinda a weak response, if judging in accordance to battle rapping, but probably a more cleverly constructed diss track, especially if Meek responds with his rapid fire delivery.  We all know too well that Meek can go toe-to-toe with the best of them, when it comes to battle rap, but does Meek have enough star power to take Drake down and starve his crew.

You be the judge.  Did Drake get his off in the diss track?

Meek Mill response via Twitter:

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