Chief Keef Goons Rob Migos In Washington, DC
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November 16, 2014

Migos Get Robbed by GBE in District of Columbia

The heat has been on with Chief Keef and Migos, they’ve been taking shots at each other for weeks.  Things heated up last week, when GBE’s Capo and Fredro Santana had a confrontation with the Migos entourage and detailed it over Twitter, and even sending death threats.

Last night the Atlanta rap group, Migos, performed at the Stadium in Washington, DC.  After the performance they ran into Chief Keef’s squad at the club.  Rumor has it, a large oversize guy came from no where and punched Quavo (Migos member) in the face and from there a huge brawl started.

After the melee cleared, Quavo’s face was bloody and leaking badly, as well as his chain was missing.  I heard Quavo handled it like a G and shook it off.  The chain now seems to be in the possession of Chief Keef’s crew as there has been social media posts tracking it’s whereabouts.

Chief Keef 300 Block Gangsters Steal Quavo of Migos Chain Medallion

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