Is 2 Chainz Crazy For Considering To Buy $260K Speakers?
2 Chainz, Urban Videos
October 30, 2014

Four years ago I bought a set of speakers with an amp for $300 and thought that was pricey, although it was well worth the sound, but I couldn’t imagine buying speakers for $260,000, especially home speakers.  Additionally, Jeremy the founder of the German Der VorverStarker speakers says you’ll have to spend an extra $200,000 on wires.

2 Chainz is a rapper and may have a need for such speakers, plus his money is much longer than mine, so I ain’t mad at him, but is it really that serious?  Does anyone need $260K home speakers for any reason?  I know it’s his money and he can spend it any way he likes, but $260K could go further in a charity or something, than on a pair of speakers.

Anyway, he catches up with GQ on episode 9 of The Most Expensive Sh*t to preview the Der VorverStarker speakers.  What do you think?  Would you spend $260K on a set of speakers?

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