Tyrese Blasts Wild-N-Out Comedian For Making Gay Allegations
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October 21, 2014

Comedian and front man on Nick Cannon’s hit comedic show, Wild-N-OutSpanky Hayes, did a radio interview and hinted to actor Tyrese being gay.  He told a story about how he auditioned for the lead role in Baby Boy alongside Tyrese (without actually mentioning his name).  And when a gay question was asked by the casting director, Spanky was supposedly thrown back by the comment, but Tyrese was more than willing to oblige.

Obviously, social media king, Tyrese got wind of this comedian’s tale and set the record straight, by refuting the comedian’s claims.  Tyrese told the story of how he got the lead role for Baby Boy, and made it clear he never auditioned for the role, because John Singleton, personally approached him about playing the role of Jody, after Tupac was no longer available due to his demise.

Tyrese also did the math and realized that 28 year old, Spanky would’ve been a teenager during that time, while 22-year old Tyrese was more accommodating for the role of a young man.  This revelation leads to the fact, that Spanky and Tyrese never auditioned for the role of Baby Boy together, because Spanky never would have been considered for the role due to his age, therefore his story is fabricated.

Tyrese made it obvious that Spanky stories were full of holes.  He was putting on for the camera and trolling.  Check out the comments Spanky Hayes made below, and listen to Tyrese’s poetic response above,

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