Chief Keef Dropped From Interscope Records Label
Chief Keef, Rap Photos
October 21, 2014

Chief Keef Dropped by Label for Legal Charges

This is a lesson learned for all upcoming rappers.  If your angle is to secure a record deal with a major label, then it’s best to be on your best behavior.  The record label may want gangsta rap, but they don’t want a true gangster!!!  Remember that.

Allegedly, Chief Keef was dropped today from Interscope Records, with the reason being his legal issues that continues to pile up.  The label has been trying to distance itself from the Chicago rapper since he started getting into trouble and catching lawsuits back in 2013.  The last straw was when Chief Keef was associated with a recent shoot out in Chi-town in March 2014.

Chief Keef’s people tried to save face and get the rapper back in good graces with the label by moving him to Los Angeles, but it was too little too late, because the label already felt it needed to part ways from the loose cannon.

It’ll be interesting to see where Chief lands after this.  Recently, Atlanta rapper, Trinidad James, was dropped from Def Jam and he’s been hard pressed to find a new home.  So far, he’s been a one-hit wonder with his single, All Gold Everything.  Let’s see if Chief Keef will follow suit as a one-hit wonder or if he’ll land on his feet and take things to the next level without Interscope.

What do you think?

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