Bobby Shmurda Vexed About Not Getting Paid For His Shows
Bobby Shmurda, Rap Videos
October 16, 2014

Bobby Shmurda is getting a taste of Hollywood, and he doesn’t like it!!!  He’s ready to go back on the block, hustling!!!  Somebody get this lil’ n*gga, before he do something stupid and f*ck it all up!

Apparently, scammers are pretending to book shows for Bobby Shmurda, without his consent or knowledge, but collecting the money (at least the down payment) from promoters and running off with the dough.  Shmurda is obviously pissed, because it’s messing up his name and making promoters not want to book him for shows, ultimately messing with his money.

He’s also seemingly running into shady promoters, who are not paying his monies due.  They got ’em on his bully yo.  He gonna run up and put that gun on ’em then go dumb on ’em.  They got ’em on that young sh*t, got ’em on that go dumb sh*t.

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