Newark Grape Street Crips Issue No Fly Zone For Chief Keef
Chief Keef, Urban Videos
October 10, 2014

Chief Keef dissed the city of Newark, NJ (my home) and said he’ll blow the city up in a recent track (listen to The Breakfast Club – Donkey of the Day, below to hear the verse),  Newark’s Grape Street Crips got wind of the diss track and responded wit’ 300 Crips, making it known it’s not safe for Chief Keef in Newark.

In the song, supposedly Chief Keef named a section of Newark, specifically, “Bergen & Mapes” which is a real hood area in the city.  Chief Keef made it hard for himself in Jersey.  I can tell you first hand, Newark is not the place to f*k wit’.  If I think hard enough I probably know of someone who got murked on every block in Newark.  It’s that serious out ‘chere.  It get real in these streets.

s/o to my Newark homies.  Bergen n Mapes #Weequahic

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