Lauryn Hill Rants About Why She’s Late To Her UK Concert
Lauryn Hill, R&B Videos
October 3, 2014

Lauryn Hill is at it again, but this time she brought her tardiness to the United Kingdom at O2 Academy.  The songstress was late to her own London concert.

She first explained to the UK how she tries to refresh her music by performing remixes of her songs at her live shows, but a heckler in the crowd screamed out, “Why are you late?”  This lead to Lauryn explaining why she was late and she goes on to give the same tired excuse, “Because I’m only human.”

Lauryn is a repeat offender when it comes to showing up late.  There’s been numerous reports of her being hours late for her performances.  She’s so consistent that people now expect and prepare for her lateness.

I personally think it’s a bit disrespectful to her fans to be as late as she does.  Many people probably had to prepare for this night, such as paying for a babysitter, taking off from work, traveling long distance, etc.  Therefore, Lauryn Hill should respect her fans time and be on time.  It’s not like she ever has a valid reason for her tardiness.

I’m starting to wonder if she does it purposely, just to get news coverage and buzz.  If that is the case, then it’s working!

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