Auntie Fee Pan Fried Shrimp Cooking Lessons
Urban Videos
September 27, 2014

If you have caught the Auntie Fee bug, then it’s time you do!  She’s f*ckin’ hilarious!!!  What makes her more funny and entertaining is the fact she isn’t trying to be, it’s simply who she is.  With all the cussing, fussing and ghettoness, Auntie Fee still knows how to throw it down in the kitchen and make meals to feed a family on a budget.

In this webisode she gives us her recipe for pan-fried shrimp with garlic n’ butter toast.  Poor Tavis behind the camera.  Things we do for family. lol.  Auntie Fee deserves her own cooking show, and I wouldn’t change a thing!  Cussing and all.  Maybe Food Network should contact her for an After Dark special or something.

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