Charlo Greene, The Reporter Who Quit Her Job On Air And Said “F*ck It” Speaks Out
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September 23, 2014

Yesterday, a video surfaced which showed an Alaskan news reporter, Charlo Greene, quit her job on air while reporting the news, on a story about the Alaska Cannabis Club, which she revealed she is the owner.  After quitting and walking off stage, there was an awkward moment as the cameras flashed back to the news anchor who seemingly was shocked and stunned.  The anchor apologized for the stunt and cut to break.

After just 24 hours Charlo spoke out about why she quit and did so abruptly.  It was a stance against the criminalizing of marijuana.  Also, as a reporter she covered the Alaska Cannabis Club story, which is a story she’s directly affiliated with, and in the world of journalism that is a conflict of interest, which is grounds for termination.


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