14-Year Old Boy Faces Two Years In Juvenile Prison After Posting Facebook Pic Of Jesus Giving Him Oral Sex
Urban News
September 17, 2014

Young Kid Acts Like Jesus Is Giving Him A Blowjob

A 14-year old boy in Pennsylvania posted a degrading picture of the statue of Jesus on his knees praying, but the boy straddled Jesus’s head and made it look as if Jesus was giving him head.  This meanancing act could lead to two years in juvenile jail for desecrating a venerated object.

It’s obvious the kid has no home training, because even if he doesn’t believe in religion, it’s completely disrespectful to others.  However, does that deem a severe punishment for him to lose his freedom for two years, or for any amount of time.  Is this even a situation which the law should step in, or is this a community or societal issue?

What’s your thoughts?  Does he deserve to be locked away for 2 years or did he break any laws in your eyes?  Let’s hear it!  Leave your comments below.

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