Dame Dash Tells What Is A 360 Deal? Gives Advice For Canadian Artists And Talks Future Generation
Dame Dash, Rap Videos
September 13, 2014

Many are confused by the term 360 deal, although many would still sign such a deal.  Dame Dash explains how a 360 deal is a way for a record label to eat off of a trending artist.  They get a piece of the pie on any deal the artist have, even deals outside the label, such as merchandising, tour money, endorsements, etc.  In many cases it’s a sucker deal, but very few have made it work for them.

Dame also gives a person advice for a Canadian artist trying to break into America’s hip hop scene.  His recipe for success is to emulate those who’s done it before you, such as rapper Drake.  Follow his blueprint and you’ll achieve your goals.

Lastly, Dame was asked about our future generation and how we can make sure the kids coming up have a promising foundation.  He says, it’s to lead by example.

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