Dame Dash Says How He Feels About People Asking If He Owes Beanie Sigel Money
Dame Dash, Urban Videos
August 29, 2014

Dame Dash makes it clear that he thinks asking a man if he owes another man money is wrong.  He goes as far to suggest that it is kinda gay asking about another man’s pockets.  He says it’s “unmanly”.

It’s unclear if he actually owes Beanie any money or not.  Dame is obviously avoiding the question, which may be for a reason, because he owes Beans money.  However, Dame goes on to say “Beans isn’t the kind of guy you could rob.”  Which makes you think maybe he don’t owe Sigel any money.

At the end of they day, who cares?  Because, like the point Dame is trying to make, that’s between those two men.  Dame isn’t going to spill the BEANS!!!  lol

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