Floyd Mayweather Responds To 50 Cent About His Reading Struggles
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August 23, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Responds With Million Dollar Checks to His Reading Problems

Floyd Mayweather didn’t actually say a word, but he posted the image below (click to enlarge).  It’s an image of two checks topping over $30 million dollars each.  The tagline says,

“Read this $72,276,000.  God bless.”

With this tidbit, I’m guessing Floyd is making the statement — if you have money in the bank and worth lots of dollars, then you don’t need to know how to read.  As long as you can count, that’s all that matters.  It can’t be denied, Floyd gets that money.  He may need some reading lessons, but at least he can read well enough to comprehend.

click to enlarge
Floyd Mayweather Shows Off Two Mayweather Promotions Checks on Bad Medina Account Page

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