Black Woman Apologizes To Black Men: Pins Open Letter
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August 23, 2014

Nojma Reflects pins an open letter to black men and on behalf of black women she apologizes to black men.  On a collective level, black women have been unsupportive and non-uplifting of black men.  As a black community, the black women are brainwashed to have disdain for the black man and vice versa.  To move forward as a race, this has to change.

Nojma takes a brave step and apologizes to the black man.  She reads her open letter, then elaborates as to why she’s apologetic.  As you probably imagine, many females do not side with her and making an apology plea to black men.  They think Nojma is besides herself and is doing too much.  Some believe they deserve an apology from black men instead.

I’d say, we all need to apologize to one another.  Black women need to apologize to black men as well as black women and black men need to apologize to black women as well as black men.  The hate we have for one another is overwhelming and is a generational curse, we have to break that curse.  The only way to do that is through the promotion of self love, not self hate.

Props to you Nojma for starting a topic for discussion and empowering my black brothers.

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