Wiz Khalifa Is Pissed Off With Tyga For Dropping Out Of “Under The Influence Of Music” Tour
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July 26, 2014

There’s beef brewing between Wiz Khalifa and Young Money’s artist Tyga, because he supposedly shaded Wiz, by dropping out of the Under The Influence Of Music tour at the last minute.  Wiz says he didn’t even have the courage to call him up and tell it himself, instead Tyga had people from his team, tell Wiz.

Wiz sits down with Power 99 in Philly and tells them how wack it was for Tyga to drop out like that, citing that he has a movie to film and album to make.  Wiz thought it was a wack and corny excuse, because he even has the same tasks, but that’s not stopping him from going on tour.

Although he’s pissed, Wiz makes it clear that there’s no love lost and he’s still cool with Tyga.

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