Angie Martinez Jumps Ship At Hot 97 And Jumps On Power 105.1 Bandwagon
Angie Martinez, Rap News
June 19, 2014

Angie Martinez Works With Power 105.1

Yesterday, Angie Martinez announced her departure from her long standing at Hot 97, but obviously she sees the sinking ship over at Hot 97 and made the decision to join its biggest rival, Power 105.1.

Many thought Angie was giving up radio and moving on to new ventures, but surprisingly Clear Channel has made the announcement that Angie will be a part of the afternoon show at Power 105.1 and will be simulcasted in Miami at the sister station, The Beat 103.5.

For many years, Hot 97 has been struggling to get New York listeners tuned in and have miserably failed.  It’s apparent they don’t have New Yorkers ears anymore and Angie being the forward thinker she is made the brave decision to turn her back on the company who propelled her career and partner with the competition.

I’m sure this is shaking things up at Hot 97 and other’s may be thinking the same as Angie, but if you know anything about corporate, then I’m sure they’ll make employees sign a non-compete agreement soon, barring any of their current staff from jumping ship and signing on with a local radio station for at least one year after they quit Hot 97.

Angie will be on air at Power 105.1 from 2-6p.  Congrats to her for stepping out on faith.  She’ll be good no matter what.  It hasn’t been announced when she begins her new role at Power 105.1, but I’m sure she’ll need some time to demagnetize and disassociate herself from the Hot 97 brand.

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