Video Of Chief Keef Moving Out Of Chicago Home
Chief Keef, Rap Videos
June 11, 2014

It was previously reported that Chief Keef was kicked out and evicted from his Chicago home, but the home owner sets the record straight and lets it be known Keef was not evicted, but instead his lease was up and not renewable, because the owner plans to put the house on the market for sale.  That’s code for “we not trying to rent to your ass anymore.”

The homeowner vouches for Chief Keef and says he was a good tenant and well spoken.  He says the neighborhood was happy he lived there, but when speaking to a neighbor he says he’s happy Chief is moving out and reveals there’s been the smell of marijuana, cars in and out all hours of the night, fights and a gun popped.  According to the hating neighbor, police were called out several times a week.

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