Remy Ma Expected Back On The Streets From Jail In July
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June 11, 2014

Remy Ma Headed Home From Jail

A photo has surfaced that reveals female rapper, Remy Ma, is on her way home after 6 years in prison.  The picture shows a silhouette of a woman with her back turned, which resembles Remy Ma.  She’s wearing a crown and the caption reads “The Ruler’s Back”.

In 2008 Remy caught an assault charge when she shot her ex-friend, because she suspected she stole money from her, but after the shooting Remy rifled through her ex-friend’s bag and realized she didn’t steal her money.

Of course, it was too late and Remy was charged with a crime.  She received an eight year sentence.  After being locked up for over six years, it seems she will finally get out and they are prepping the world for her release.

Remy’s husband, Papoose, has been holding it down and riding for her since her incarceration.  I’m sure she’s hitting the studio when she returns.  These rappers better beware, she’s coming for her crown!  We’ll be looking for you Remy come July 31st.

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