PornHub President Offers 50 Cent PornStar Care Package After Bad First Pitch Due To Excessive Masturbation
50 Cent, Rap News
June 9, 2014

Arguably, 50 Cent gave the worst ever celebrity first pitch at the Mets game a few weeks ago.  Jokingly, Fif blamed the bad bitch on excessive masturbation.  In response, Pornhub vice president, Corey Price, sent 50 Cent an offer letter to get a Magic Stick massage from Pornhub porn stars.

Here’s the offer letter,

Dear Mr. Curtis Jackson –

My name is Corey Price, Vice President of adult entertainment website, On behalf of our company, I’d like to follow up on a message we Tweeted at you on Friday, in which we offered to send you a group of pornstars.

Our offer was made in response to comments you made about a muscle strain that was caused by masturbation which, in turn, caused you to throw the ill-fated first pitch, arguably the worst first pitch of all time. Since we’re the largest adult entertainment site, it’s likely that we had something to do with this. As such, we’d like to apologize for our role and, to show good faith, send a few of our favorite pornstars to your house to massage and make it better.

Regardless of if you accept our offer, we’d like to remind you that you should drink lots of water and stretch before masturbation, especially when masturbating multiple times a day.

If possible, I’d love to continue our discourse to discuss the terms of our offer. I really appreciate your time, and am looking forward to hearing back from you soon. 

All the best,

Corey Price, Vice President

50 Cent is a lucky man.  I wonder if he’ll actually take this offer or not.  I can’t see any reason why not.  I’m sure Pornhub is using this opportunity for publicity, but it doesn’t seem like they are joking on the offer and will actually honor it if Fifty takes them up on it.

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