Dame Dash Talks Culture Vulture On The Combat Jack Show
Dame Dash, Urban Audio
June 6, 2014

Dame Dash has been making a lot of noise lately, he’s exposing the music industry’s culture vultures.  He speaks with The Combat Jack Show for over two hours about how Corporate America is trying to destroy the hip hop culture.

A culture vulture is defined as someone who exploits a hip hop artist to corporate entities.  They simply can care less about the artist, brand or culture and only have interest in making money off of someone’s artistry, brand or culture.

Yesterday, Funkmaster Flex went on a rant about Dame Dash calling out culture vultures.  Dame addresses Steve StouteLyor CohenJoie MandaFunkmaster Flex, and more.  Dame also clears up rumors about him being broke and tells how he’ll always be an entrepreneur and can never be a working man slave.

Press the play button above to listen to the full interview.

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