Dame Dash Calls Steve Stoute A Liar & Says He Doesn’t Respect The Culture
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May 30, 2014

Dame Dash is one of those guys who’s been through the trenches of the music business.  He’s seen a lot and been the cause of a lot.  At one time, at the height of Roc-A-Fella, when he stepped into a room, everyone froze until he said it was okay to speak and move again.  Over the years he’s seen successful African-Americans disrespect their culture, for the almighty dollar and become crabs in the bucket by pulling others down to come up themselves.

After giving his spiel about how black people hold each other back, he used music executive, Steve Stoute, as an example.  Dame called Stoute a liar, and says he doesn’t trust him, because when L.L. Cool J and Nas were at their height, Stoute told Dame all their business.  He also stated that he doesn’t respect Steve, because when he first met him Biggie and his crew had him dressed in drag.  It seems Steve Stoute left a bad taste in Dame’s mouth (pause) and see dude as a straight clown.  It be like that sometimes.

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