Racist Cop In North Carolina Arrested A Black Man For Drinking Arizona Iced Tea In A Can
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May 4, 2013

In Fayetteville, NC a rapper named Xstrav was forced to the ground and put into handcuffs by a racist police officer.  The cop harassed the guy, because he was drinking a Arizona Iced Tea in the parking lot of an ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control) store.

All of it could have been avoided if first the police didn’t bother the man in the first place, because no law was being broken.  Second, if the police just had swallowed his pride, apologized for being wrong and moved on, but instead he had to find a reason.

This is what sickens my stomach, because the community don’t suppose to fear police, but this is the exact reason why we do!!!  Its what makes us have a f*ck the police attitude.

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