Mountain Dew Drops Endorsement Deal With Lil Wayne
May 4, 2013

Lil Wayne Mountain Dew Endorement Deal Comes to an End

Mountain Dew has finally reacted to Lil Wayne offensive rap line about Emmett Till on Future’s track Karate Chop.  Weezy tried to apologize to the Till family, but they rejected his apology, as they didn’t feel it was sincere or an actual apology.

After suffering a seizure earlier this week, Tunechi gets the news that Mountain Dew no longer wants him to endorse their product and therefore has severed ties with the famed rapper.

These big companies need to really reevaluate if using a rapper for endorsement purposes is really what they want, because it seems that they only using these rappers for promotion then pull the deal from under them after things gets hot in the kitchen.  It’s seems a bit unfair.

These companies don’t mind associating themselves with these rappers when they are talking big money, drug dealing, violence and sex but the minute an activist group or family speaks out against the artist then these companies put their tails between their legs and want to distance themselves from the artist.  The artist never pulled any wool over these corporations eyes and these big businesses knew what they were getting themselves into.

Hopefully, these rappers are not getting screwed and have the right contract in place to protect them, whereas if the companies want to end their endorsement deal then they have to payout the artist (a hefty amount) for early termination.  Otherwise, the artist made the company more money by endorsing their product and thus bringing more attention and buyers to the product, while the company eats like a fat rat and the artist is tossed to the curb.

Rapper Rick Ross recently suffered a similar backlash from the public and ultimately lost his endorsement deal with Reebok.

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