Street Dose Teams Up With Reverb Nation For 16TH HOUR Talent Search
16TH HOUR, Press Releases
April 24, 2013

Reverb Nation and Street Dose Working Together

Street Dose 16TH HOUR is ever so popular and it’s only right they branch out to find the best rap talent out here.  They’ve recently partnered with Reverb Nation, one of the largest talent promotion platforms on the web.  Servicing over 2.8 million music industry professionals and growing Reverb Nation has the perfect arena for Street Dose to find talented upcoming rap artists.

16TH HOUR is the most effective way for upcoming, unheard, unsigned, underground or underrated artist to gain exposure on Street Dose daily blog, one of the best hip hop blogs on the web.  It keeps you up to date with celebrity news, music and videos.  Everyday at the 16TH HOUR (4PM) Street Dose publishes music from an unknown or unpopular rapper.

To be chosen for publication artist music and production must be tight!  An added bonus for being chosen is artist music is exposed to others by being published on Street Dose homepage, having a lifetime blog post on,  and being promoted on their Facebook and Twitter social timelines.

When asked, how did they come up with the name 16TH HOUR?  Street Dose owner, Shem, said,

“4PM military time is the 16TH HOUR, which is also the busiest hour in the day for Street Dose.  Sixteen is also a reference to the terminology, HOT SIXTEEN, which means an ill verse or dope bars.  I recognized the synergy and decided 16TH HOUR is the perfect way to represent our talent search publication!”

Reverb Nation has an arsenal of artists looking for exposure and Street Dose has the platform to help artist be seen.  Currently, Street Dose is running a four month campaign with Reverb Nation, Apr 22-Aug 22, to find twenty lucky artist to include in 16TH HOUR publication for artist exposure.

It’s exciting times for the two reputable brands.  Reverb Nation and Street Dose are making power moves!!  Let your voice be heard, submit your music today, go here!  Reverb Nation submissions take precedence over all other submission options, so it’s best you submit via Reverb Nation.  If you don’t have an Reverb account, then sign up now!!

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