PR/Marketing Guru Confirms AP.9 And Coco Nude Pics Really Does Exist
AP.9, Coco, Featured, Ice-T, Rap Videos
February 27, 2013

PR/Marketing Guru, Pam Nikki Baker has confirmed that the pictures of rapper AP.9 and Ice-T‘s wife Coco getting it in are real.  She has seen the naked photos with her own eyes.

Pam also make some other shocking revelations about AP.9’s adulterous lifestyle.  She says he received a luxury car as a gift from Coco and hint that he may have slept with Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa.

Ice-T is checking out and I think he’s about ready to call it quits with his longtime “hoe” turned “hoewife”.  I hate to see a marriage end, so I hope they can work things out and get back to loving one another again.  Only time will tell.

Coco and AP9 Steamy Escapades



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