Gunplay Robbery Charges Dismissed
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February 25, 2013

Gunplay Robbing Case Thrown Out Of Court

Gunplay must feel untouchable right about now because he’s escaped prison time for robbing his accountant, Turron Woodside, even after it was all caught on surveillance tape.  A source from the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office said,

“Video alone is not enough to convict an individual of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Although the armed robbery is captured on the victim’s surveillance system, the victim, Turron Woodside, is uncooperative of the prosecution of this defendant Richard Morales [Gunplay].”

Gunplay is taking it all in stride and happy to have this behind him.  He is off house arrest and after this win he’s just going to take things easy.  He tells TMZ,

“Today I am grateful and blessed that the case was dismissed … I plan on picking up where I left off with my music and making hits with my upcoming debut album.  The first thing I am going to do today is smoke a joint, relax, play video games, and just be with my loved ones.”

Not sure if congratulations is in order, but congrats my dude — a guardian angel was definitely looking over you, or you had your goons push up on the victim so he wouldn’t cooperate with law enforcement.  Whatever the case, just know you got lucky this time!!!

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