Starter Wives Confidential On Air Show Canceled By TLC Network
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February 18, 2013

TLC Cancels Starter Wives Confidential

First, let me clarify the show has NOT been CANCELED, however it has been taken off-air and only viewable online now.  You can see the rest of the season’s episodes here.  The reason for this change is unknown, but cast member Monica Taylor broke the news on her blog, Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret.

Monica does elude to the cancellation being legal issues, which might stem from 50 Cent who got his ex Shanequa Tompkins removed from the show early on.  It may also be an issue with Lamar Odom or possibly a lawsuit from Lil Kim.  Right now no one knows for sure, but the show has been yanked from the TLC television network and only available online now.

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