Storage Wars Reality Star Commits Suicide
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February 12, 2013

Mark Balelo Dies in Vehicle

Storage Wars reality television star, Mark Balelo, has killed himself with carbon monoxide poisoning.   The reality star wasn’t a regular on the show, but when he did make an appearance it was always grand.  He had an intimidating presence and deameanor.

According to sources, Balelo was arrested on Saturday for a drug offense.  This arrest left Mark in a distraught state which made him unstable.  When he was released from jail he was fearful he’ll hurt himself so he contacted his fiancee and they met up Sunday morning at his office.

His fiancee says they talked for a few hours then Mark took a four hour nap.  After he woke up, he seemed much better and more stable.  She left him at the office Sunday evening and on Monday morning his body was found by an auction house employee.

Balelo was found dead inside his car which was parked and running in the closed garage of his auction house of Simi Valley, CA.  This is a sad story, but it had to be more going on than just drug charges to send him over the edge.  Rest in peace Mark!

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